Shimmy Shine Glitter

Product Code: SBFC-SSG-01SOL

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Prepare to sparkle like there is no tomorrow!  Introducing Shelton Beauty Shimmy Shine cosmetic grade glitter.  High impact cosmetic glitter that is sure to take any look to another dimension.  Currently available in 9 stunning shades to complement or enhance any look for every occasion.

The Shade Descriptions:


Dark as the loneliest night.  Only the darkest black cosmetic glitter.


A holographic gold that will shake anyone to the core.  

Ice Castles

A little chunky but a lotta fun.  This holographic silver is a must-have in any collection.

Cherry Kiss

Blood red with a little mix of chunky crimson and a little black to add dimension to slay any look.

Rustic Dreams

If the most glamourous orange had a baby with Honeypot you would have Rustic Dreams.  It’s the perfect holographic orange glitter with a reflect of gold.


Yellow and not ashamed to be bold.  This is the most beautiful sunshine yellow you will find.

Emerald Queen

Deep & luxurious is the only way to explain this stunning emerald green.  Fit for any queen.

B!tch Blue

Not too bold.  Not too pastel.  It’s just a Blue in Total Control of Herself.  

Perfectly Petty

If a purple violet glitter could have a personality it would be petty.  We just call it Perfectly Petty.