3D Diva Lash Collection Vol. 1

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Do you need all five lash styles?!  This is the collection for you! Our 3D Vegan Diva Lashes are made with synthetic mink and certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Organization.  They are the best luxury quality providing you with an incredible 20 to 30 uses.


The everyday lash for any diva.  These lashes are not too bold but still demand the attention any diva would desire.  Embrace your fierce with a pair of Jess 3D Diva Lashes.


Bold and Gorgeous.  You have the girly lash that is making a bold statement while still keeping it modest and glamourous.  Perfect for any look you want a little extra something with!


Demand the attention like the princess you are!  These are next to the boldest lash available in the Shelton Beauty 3D Diva Lash Collection.


Calling anyone who wants their lashes seen from the back row of any venue!  This style is perfect for drag queens, circus performers, artists, and anyone who wants to command attention!


Simple yet they have the flair any diva would need in their life.  Great for a bold everyday look or even for a toned-down glam look. These versatile lashes are a must-have in any kit.