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About This Product

Makeup brushes where quality and cost meet happily in the middle.  We are excited to offer you the Diva Life Makeup Brushes. Luxury quality synthetic hairs with an ergonomic handle to withstand the longest of blends. 

Made With: 

Synthetic Fibers, Wood Handle, Metal Ferrule, Rhinestones, Faux PU Leather with Metal Studs



Package Size:

4.5 in x 4.5 in x 9 in

Product Size:

Brush Sizes Vary 

Total Weight:

12.6 oz



The Diva Life Makeup Brush Collection includes one (1) of each Shelton Beauty™ Makeup Brushes (nine total) plus the studded Diva Life Brush Holder. 

The brushes included are:

Brush 01 - The Powder Brush

This brush is amazing when you’re applying powder all over your face and neck.  It’s a must-have in our brush collections for setting our looks.

Brush 02 - The Angled Powder Brush

Need to blend your beauty at an angle?  We have this angled powder brush that’s perfect for applying blush or bronzer.

Brush 03 - The Flat Top Brush

Some of us need a brush that handles the job without any excuses.  That’s where you have the flat top brush for bronzer, contour, or even certain types of foundation.

Brush 04 - Eye Blending Brush

This brush is an absolute must-have for Anthony Shelton and Bobbie Jane.  When you are blending the eyeshadow for any look this brush will change the game.  You can also use this brush for precise highlighting.

Brush 05 - Large Eyeshadow Brush

Applying eyeshadow has just been enhanced.  This large eyeshadow brush will apply and blend eyeshadow to your command.  

Brush 06 - Small Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is perfect for smaller eyeshadow detail and crease blending,  

Brush 07 - Large Detail Brush

Inner corner?  Blemishes? Concealer?  We got you, boo! The large detail brush is perfect for all of these applications or wherever your imagination takes you.

Brush 08 - Small Detail Brush

At times things get serious or you’re just applying your lip color.  These are the moments when the small detail brush comes to your rescue.  

Brush 09 - The Liner Brush

Eyeliner.  Brows. Linework.  Whatever tickles your fancy we have a brush that will create great enhancements to any look.


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