"Hysteria" 3D Diva Lash

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About This Product

The Shelton Beauty™ 3D Diva Lashes are made from faux mink fibers and can withstand 20 or more uses with proper care.  Packaged in a blue glitter (non-transferable) reusable box that is recyclable at the end of your lashes journey.  

The Hysteria style is our bold lash that has more volume than any other 3D Diva Lash and the next style up from our Fiona lash.  This lash is perfect for those who need the most volume and are not scared of some drama. Made with drag queens and stage performers in mind.  

Directions for Use

Trim lashes from the outside, as needed, to fit your personal eye shape.  Apply a layer of strip eyelash adhesive to the lash band, allow the adhesive to become tacky, position and apply to your lash line.  Flutter and be fabulous!

Made With

Our eyelashes are made using the highest quality faux mink synthetic fibers


Package Size:

4.5 in x 2 in x ¾ in

Total Weight:

1.4 oz


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